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Sweet treats bring even sweeter smiles.

Warm, fluffy, and irresistibly gooey; this is what Shipley Do-Nuts was built on. Since 1993, when I opened my first location of the franchise, my goal has been to turn out that delicious moment for all my customers, day in and day out.

My passion for donuts is a family affair. In April of 1993, my father and I visited some friends in Houston, friends who also happened to be Shipley franchisees. During this trip, we visited their shop and I had the opportunity to try some of the delectable Shipley products. You could say it was love at first bite. Unlike the heavy, starchy donuts you sometimes find at commercial chains, Shipley Do-Nuts are unique in their light texture and melt-in-your-mouth taste. Thoroughly intrigued, my father and I bought our first store in Baytown on Garth Road in May of 1993 and a month later, we opened our doors.

My first Shipley shop opened in Baytown, just off Garth Road. Every day, customers came in for their morning pick-me-up. From kolaches to over 60 different types of donuts, there was something for everyone. Some customers would order a box of donuts as a surprise treat for their office. On weekends, families would come in for a snack after a little league game or morning errands. Although this location is now owned by my brother and his wife, that shop was the starting point of my journey as a proud Texas business owner.

In the coming years, I opened four more Shipley locations. From Houston to La Porte to Pasadena, each of our shops quickly became a facet in their community. With the expansion, I developed a strong appreciation for my reliable and dedicated staff. Some of my bakers have been with me for eight, and even 10 years. Because I can’t be at every shop location all the time, my fantastic managers oversee the staff and keep things moving smoothly. Our locations also began to find ways to give back to the community, such as an annual Fun Run and other charitable events.

Throughout my time at Shipley, I’ve been lucky to have many supportive people there to help me make the shops what they are today. My husband is always there to help with any technical glitches and even Lawrence Shipley III, the current President of Shipley Do-Nuts, is happy to answer questions or lend a helping hand in any way he can.

Gexa Energy is also part of this support system. Since 2006, I have worked with Dessie, a customer care representative at Gexa, who always finds me the best rates and makes sure my contracts are renewed on time. Knowing Dessie is there to look out for me and my business means I can spend more time doing what I love – making people smile.