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4 Energy Facts You Didn’t Know About Solar Energy

The solar industry is changing rapidly as it experiences unprecedented growth. Gexa Energy is here to help you learn more about renewable energy. Here are …
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Happy Global Recycling Day! Are You Recycling the Correct Way?

Believe it or not, many people recycle by throwing items into a recycle bin and thinking that’s all it takes to recycle. However, there’s much …
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Benefits of Renewable Energy You May Not be Aware Of

Renewable energy is becoming more popular across the United States. You’ve probably read about it online or heard about it on the news. You know …
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Your Eco-Friendly Fall Energy Savings Guide

Fall is almost here! One important responsibility to take on this time of year is making sure your home is operating at optimal energy efficiency. …
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5 Ways You Could Use Less Energy in Your Rental

When you think of energy efficiency for your home, you probably think about smart thermostats and maintaining your HVAC system. But what about if you …
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