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Control Moisture Inside Your Home

As Texans, moisture and humidity can be a part of our daily lives. But did you know controlling the moisture can help make your home more energy-efficient? Not only could this help your energy bill but it could help make your home more comfortable, less costly to heat and cool.

Moisture can bring lots problems into your home, such as mildew and mold. The best strategy to prevent moisture is by having proper insulation, sealing and ventilation.

According to, before you decide on a strategy to control moisture inside of your home, it helps if you understand that moisture or water vapor moves in and out of a home in three ways:

  1. With air currents
  2. By diffusions through materials
  3. By heat transfer

These three air movements account for more than 98% of all water vapor movement in building cavities. To create more energy-efficient home you will need to make sure you insulate properly to block and control moisture. also recommends that you stay on top of leaks, and any water flowing through porous material such as concrete or wood.

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