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Summer May Be Over but NOT in Texas.

In the summer, Texans run their air conditioners longer to keep cool and comfortable. In fact, Texans can run their air conditioning units up to twice as long in the summer as compared to cooler months, accounting for more than half of their electric bills. Factor in the extra air conditioning use with kids being out of school and staying home for school in the upcoming weeks; Texans end up with higher-than-expected summer electric bills. So you don’t have to sweat over the bill this summer, Gexa has a few easy ideas on how to keep your home feeling and looking cool – all while saving you money:

  • A/C Settings: You could save energy at home by adjusting your thermostat. We recommend turning up the thermostat to 76 degrees when you’re home and 77-80 degrees or more if you’re away. And remember, for every one degree you raise your indoor temperature, you could save about five percent on monthly cooling costs.
  • Smart Thermostats: These devices allow you to adjust on-the-go from your mobile device. With the Gexa Energy Saver Plan, you could make life simple, and take control of your electricity bills for good. When you sign up, you lock in a great low rate and get up to 2 FREE smart thermostats (free install included) to help manage your home’s temperature anytime, anywhere. These smart thermostats can measure temperature and occupancy to adjust automatically to keep you comfortable when you’re home and help you save energy when you’re away. 
  • Smart A/C: If your home uses a wall unit, there are smart options in the market that are Wi-Fi-enabled that can track your usage, monitor the weather and can be controlled with your smart phone – all while moving air faster, cooling more efficiently, and evening out temperature fluctuations. 
  • Room Sensors:  Say goodbye to the clapper. These devices can turn lights on automatically when you walk in the room. Some newer models can also sense the level of natural light in a room and won’t turn on lights unless necessary. 
  • Televisions: LED flat screens use about half the power of an LCD. Choose products with an ENERGY STAR® label for even more savings. Also, consider dimming the display on your TV to reduce brightness. Settings for “vivid” or “dynamic” typically use more energy.
  • Video Game Consoles: Newer gaming consoles, while more energy-efficient than older models, will consume more energy streaming video or in standby-mode than actually playing games. Instead, use a DVD player or a streaming stick device to watch movies. And, always remember to turn off consoles when not in use.
  • Window Treatments: Protect your home from sun damage, harmful UV rays and heat while preserving your view with solar shades. These stylish window treatments can block up to 90 percent of the sun’s heat from penetrating windows and they come in many colors, styles and textures to match your decor. 

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For more ideas of ways to save energy this summer, visit Gexa’s Energy website.