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4 Energy Facts You Didn’t Know About Solar Energy

The solar industry is changing rapidly as it experiences unprecedented growth. Gexa Energy is here to help you learn more about renewable energy.

Here are 4 energy facts you didn’t know about solar energy.

1. What is solar energy used for?

There are numerous uses for solar energy, including heating water for residential use, space heating of buildings, drying agricultural products and generating electrical energy.

2. What are some advantages of solar energy?

After the initial investment in solar-energy equipment, the costs are minimal since the sun provides free “fuel. Solar energy can help reduce our dependence on foreign sources of energy. Solar energy is also clean and renewable, which helps protect our environment.

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3. Are solar facilities good for the environment?

Solar energy offsets pollution from fossil fuels and the overall impact of solar on human health is overwhelmingly positive. Health-related air quality benefits from solar energy are worth even more than the electricity itself. Crystalline silicon panels represent approximately 90 percent of solar panels in use today. Research has shown they “do not pose a material risk or toxicity to public health and safety.

4. Can you recycle solar panels?

Although modern solar panels can be safely disposed of in landfills, they
can also be recycled. PV solar panel recycling technologies have been
implemented over the past decade and have been shown to recover over
95 percent of semiconductor material and over 90 percent of the glass in the panel.

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