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Get More Than Just Swimming Done in Your Pool

Swimming pools can be a great addition to your home, especially in Texas. When the weather hits the triple digits, diving into a swimming pool sounds just about right. However, if you own a pool you know they come with a cost. From maintenance to the electric bill, the monthly costs keep swimming in.

Check out these tips on how you could make your pool more energy efficient.

Clean and maintain your pool on a regular basis

Try to maintain the surface levels of your pool clean and ensure that water is flowing through vents free of debris. The last thing you may want is your pool’s water flow to work harder to get through resulting in more electricity use.

Use a cover during off seasons

Although in Texas, the warmer weather can overstay its visit. Placing a cover on your pool may help maintain your pool clean but also keep your pool’s temperature warmer during the colder weather. (source)

Change out that water filter

According to Texas Pools and Patios, the biggest energy consumption from your pool may come from your filtration system. Your pool pump may filter out your water more resulting in more electricity usage. It’s recommended that using a timed pool pump may help reduce electricity usage. (source)

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