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5 Ways To Make Your Labor Day Eco-Friendly Effortlessly

Long weekends are a great time to host a gathering with friends and family. As summer is coming to an end, having an outdoor gathering seems like a great way to end the season. If you’re planning an outdoor gathering this Labor Day, don’t forget the impact your event can make on the environment.

Here are some quick and easy tips on how to make your Labor Day eco-friendly with little effort.

1. Use reusable or biodegradable dishware

We all know it’s tempting to pick the easy way and use disposable utensils. We also know this can be extremely damaging to the environment. Plastic utensils can take an estimated 200 years to decompose.

2. Avoid disposable decorations

The disposable decor is easy to access and easy to get rid of. However, after one use, most of these decorations go directly to the trash after your gathering is over. Try using candles that you can reuse or string lights that you can have up all year long. (Try LED for energy efficiency— of course.)

3. Try eating vegatables

Eating vegetables is not only beneficial to our health but to the environment as well! Replace chips and eliminate buying anything in a container. Air frying food is the trend of our times, so try air frying sliced carrots, cucumbers, and more to replace the urge for chips. This also helps eliminate any containers that are disposable. Keep in mind, plastic bags take about 200 years or more to decompose since most are made out of aluminum.

4. Don’t waste food

Try to measure how much food you are making based on the people you will have over. Also, don’t forget to encourage your guests to take some leftovers. Let your guests know that they will need reusable containers so they can take home food. This will eliminate the chance of you having to use disposable containers and from anyone keeping your food storage containers. (We all know this happens often!)

5. Play music the energy efficient way

Using a rechargeable portable speaker will still play your music, and you won’t have to worry about using your home’s energy to power it. Even if you have to recharge at some point. Most speakers can last more than 5 hours or more.

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