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Here’s Why Ventilation May Help Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Fall is the perfect time of year to start the preparation of one’s “to-do list” for a review of elements in their home which will make the home’s energy use more efficient. Ventilation is normally at the top of the list, but many homeowners do not take the time to properly check all the elements of their home to increase the efficiency of the energy usage and possibly lowering their energy bills.

Not only is it important for potential energy savings, but overall, air quality is essential to how comfortable your home can feel. This can be tricky at times, as it might not affect us immediately but it’s possible that it could affect your home in the long run. (Source: Vaillant)

Filter your home’s air

Dust and pollen can be found everywhere at multiple times of the year. In Texas, allergy season is existent almost all year-round, so you can definitely say air filters play an important role in how comfortable a home can be. Installing and frequently changing your home’s air filter could help tremendously. Before the outside air is drawn into your home it is captured by your air filter, collecting dust and pollen. So, out these air filters to good use!

Keep the warm air in

As the cool season begins to take over the Texas region, keep in mind how you can keep your home warm without having to raise your thermostat. Avoid opening any windows or doors, as this could allow the warm air to escape and bring down the temperatures of your home. This may mean that it’s time to also check door and window seals for any air leaks leaving and entering your home. During cooler months, warm air escaping from the inside and cooler air blowing into the home can be readily more identified.

Check air vents

Stoves, dryer,s and oven vents can be often overlooked. These vents may collect grease and should be cleaned regularly. According to, dryer vents should be cleaned at least once a year.

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