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Happy Global Recycling Day! Are You Recycling the Correct Way?

Believe it or not, many people recycle by throwing items into a recycle bin and thinking that’s all it takes to recycle. However, there’s much much more to it.

According to Recycle Across America, a major factor to improper recycling comes from inconsistent labels on bins which cause public confusion. In Fact, garbage thrown in recycling bins is causing a critical negative impact on recycling in the U.S.

So, how should we properly recycle?


  1. Read labels and instructions on bins as carefully as possible. Otherwise, it all just becomes waste.
  2. NO food, NO liquids, NO straws, NO Plastic cups, NO plastic dishware in the recycle bin. Compost all food and food-siled paper when possible.
  3. Never put your recyclables in a plastic bag and never put plastic bagsin your recycle bins or recycling dumpster.
  4. Avoid single use itemsas much as possible, unless the recycling center has indicated specifically that they can accept these items.
  5. As a rule of thumb: No Aluminum foil, No plastic or metal utensils, No plastic bags, No styrofoam, and No plastic wraps or wrappers should ever goint the recycle bin.

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