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How energy retrofitting can improve the value of your home

If you’re a homeowner who is environmentally conscious and interested in saving money, you may be considering energy-efficiency retrofitting. But while you likely know energy upgrades can lower your energy bills, you might not have thought about how these improvements could impact the value of your home.

As Green Building Advisor reported, taking on a deep energy retrofit means homeowners will assess all aspects of their home’s energy use, looking at how systems like lighting, plumbing and heating and cooling factor together to waste or conserve power. Depending on the depth of the project, a homeowner could reduce the energy consumption of his or her home by 90 percent by making changes to these elements of the house, GBA reported.

Houses with energy efficient features may be more attractive to new home buyers. Houses with energy efficient features may be more attractive to new home buyers.

However, in addition to lowering your home’s energy use and saving you money on your electricity bill, there may be other economic incentives to retrofitting as well. As Consumer Reports noted, energy efficiency is a major selling point, one which attracts more buyers to a house and allows the owner to ask for a higher resale price.

Simple improvements such as high-efficiency windows, a new water heater or LED light bulbs will stand out to buyers who often consider the average utility cost when looking for homes, Consumer Reports found. Smart technologies that save energy, such as programmable thermostats and lights, may also bring added incentive for potential buyers to make an offer.

Though many real estate agents and homeowners are just beginning to experiment with marketing homes as energy-efficient or “green,” studies are already showing an increased interest from buyers that is resulting in higher home values. Data from the University of Texas-San Antonio found energy efficiency features such as drought tolerant plants and irrigation systems can increase a home’s resale value by 2 percent. Home with Energy Star appliances and upgraded windows and heating and cooling systems sold for 6 percent more than comparable homes without these retrofits.

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