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Turn off the TV and spend more time with each other

Families love to gather around the TV – from watching their favorite movies to enjoying the big game. But even though television is a frequent source of family entertainment, it doesn't need to be the only one. In fact, your family might find some unexpected benefits from turning off the tube.

Even though televisions are more efficient than ever, they still have an impact on your electricity bill. As research from the U.S. Department of Energy's National Laboratory shows, televisions and cable boxes are both big consumers of energy with the cable box alone consuming an average of 17 kilowatts an hour and twice that if it has DVR capabilities. If you're using an ultra-high definition television, your energy use is even more. According to a report from the Natural Defense Resource Council, these televisions use 30 percent more energy than older high-definition models, resulting in an average of $1 billion more a year in national energy costs.

However, in addition to the energy use, there's another reason to limit your television time: all the other things you could be doing. According to Business Insurance, the average American spends 35.6 hours a week in front of the television – time that could be spent engaging in activities from hiking to painting to yoga. Turning off the TV gives you back more of your free hours and provides an opportunity to spend more time with your family.

Spending more time outside can lower your energy bill and lead to more fun for your family. Spending more time outside could lower your energy bill and lead to more fun for your family.

Get Outside

Engaging in family activities other than watching TV can be a lot of fun for your family. For example, starting a family garden plot in your backyard can be a great hobby, and growing food can be a way to teach children about nutrition or how to prepare their own meals.

Outdoor activities also encourage your family to spend more time in the sunshine, and save on your electricity use at the same time. If you're outside during the daytime, you can turn off the lights in your house, a move that might have a significant impact on your bill. According to the U.S. Energy Information Association, lighting accounts for an average 15 percent of a home's energy consumption.

Luckily, Texans have plenty of other family adventures to enjoy. In lieu of watching television, try having a picnic in your local park or visiting a festival or community event happening near you.

And if you are staying inside for your family activity time, don't worry. With Gexa Energy's affordable service you can keep your house well-lit and comfortable so you can try out fun new challenges – from mastering cribbage to baking the perfect pecan pie.