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Energy savings hacks you can actually use this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner is a meal that many Americans look forward to. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, you probably know that the kitchen is the epicenter of the preparations.

Energy savings might be the last thing on your mind when you’re working hard to prepare a feast for your family and friends. After all, your oven will be on almost constantly, and you’ve got a lot of sides to prepare.

Here are some ways you can cut down on energy use while getting ready for this national holiday:

Keep it closed

It can be tempting to take a peek at the big bird every once in awhile throughout the day, but fight that urge and ward hungry guests away from the oven, too. Opening the oven even just for a glimpse can cool it by 20 degrees and requires it to work harder to get back up to the right level of heat.

You can also turn off the oven a few minutes before the timer goes off, as long as you keep the door closed. This will cut your energy spend short, but that heat won’t dissipate so quickly and your turkey will keep cooking.

Use glass or ceramic dishes instead of metal when cooking to help your oven retain the temperature.Cooking with glass and ceramic dishes instead of metal will help your oven retain its temperature better.

Your oven isn’t the only door people will be opening and closing while waiting for dinner to be served. Make sure that anyone who opens the refrigerator or freezer door closes it all the way. If your fridge isn’t making a tight seal anymore, you might need to replace the gasket or adjust the door. It’s not a bad idea to test this out before Thanksgiving rolls around so you can address these issues before the big day.

As people arrive, be sure everyone is closing the door behind them. While most people know to do this, it can easily be forgotten amid the excitement of Thanksgiving and seeing family members for the first time in awhile.

Choose cookware wisely

Many people cook their turkey in a metal roasting pan or an aluminum one that is disposable. These might be convenient, but they’re not the best options for cooking. Glass and ceramic dishes retain heat better than metal does, making them better options for cooking your turkey efficiently. You may even be able to reduce the oven temperature by 25 degrees in doing this.

Set the temperature

As your oven heats up, so does your home. With all that cooking happening in the kitchen, the air temperature is bound to rise. Plus, each of your guests will bring body heat into your home. This combination allows you to turn down your thermostat a few degrees without anyone noticing. It may even be more comfortable with a lower setting so your guests don’t get overheated.

Paying attention to the oven temperature is another way to reduce your energy spend. Your actual oven temperature may vary from the setting you chose on the dial. A more accurate way to keep track of temperatures is to get a free-standing oven thermometer. Find out if your oven runs hot or cool, and adjust the heat as necessary.

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