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Keep Your Holiday Spirit High with These Energy Savings Tips

The season for holiday decorating has commenced! Fall is here and as the temperature lowers our spirits rise. But it’s important we decorate with energy efficiency in mind.

Covering your home with lights and decorations is a long-held and much-adored tradition. Putting up a bright display can be a lot of fun, but plugging in all those bright lights for the fall and winter festivities may cause an increase in your energy usage.

Here are four energy savings tips you can use during this bright holiday season:

Switch up your holiday lighting

You probably have a big box of holiday decorations stowed away, and in that box is likely strings of lights ready to be strung around your windows or a fixture in your front yard. By switching out those old lights for a new set of colorful LED string lights, you could use up to 70 percent less energy.

Keep an eye on your indoor lights

Plus, LED lights are also cooler to the touch and they shine brighter than those old incandescent bulbs!

During the holidays, it’s already common for kids to have time off from school and adults to have a few days off of work. Especially this year, many of us have been home. These cheerful times can be filled with more activity in your home than usual. It’s likely that lights will be turned on more frequently and appliances will get more use than usual. Amidst all the excitement, be sure to take a quick look around once in awhile to make sure lights are turned off in empty rooms and any energy-draining appliances are unplugged while not in use.

Use a timer

Spending all that time decking out your home wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t show off your bright display. When setting up, include a timer. This will ensure that your lights will turn on when you want and save on your energy usage.

Get creative with your décor

With the right surroundings, a little bit of light can shine a long way. Instead of using plugged in lighting use battery–powered candles to reduce electricity use.

Plugging in bright holiday lights while you still have normal indoor lighting on not only washes out the colors of the festive lights, but also is a waste of energy. Whenever possible, choose to either have a room’s indoor lights or the holiday lights on.

Decorating for the holidays is something we look forward to every year. With these tips, you can show off your holiday spirit while keeping your energy usage low.

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