Gexa Energy Learning Center

Outstanding service. To the Nth Degree.

There’s a smile people get when they eat something absolutely fantastic. It starts out small, subtle even, but quickly transforms into a full-on grin. And the best part about that reaction? Knowing you were the reason behind it.

I opened D-Squared Catering in October 2011. In March of 2014 we moved to the Wheatland Plaza in Duncanville, Texas. Six years later, we’re still serving our clients standout meals. As a business, our mission is to give our clients outstanding food and service that keep them coming back. We work closely with our clients to build one-of-a-kind menus that make their events as memorable as they are delicious. From our award-winning chicken salad to our famous bread pudding, everything we offer is artfully prepared without losing any of the appeal of a home-cooked meal.

Aside from our passion for high quality food, D-Squared Catering is also a second-generation, family-owned and operated business. With each generation’s cooking know-how informing the next, we think it’s safe to say our dishes just keep getting better and better.

Regardless of how we grow and evolve as a business, one thing that has remained unchanged is our appreciation of and devotion to community. We believe that giving back, no matter how big or small the gesture, results in stronger, healthier communities. After all, community support has been integral to our growth as a business. And beyond just our clients, one of our key supporters has been Gexa Energy.

From day one, Gexa Energy has been an important part of our business. Their low rates make it affordable for us to run our business without having to worry about sky-high bills at the end of each month. Plus, if I ever have any questions about my service or need any assistance, Gexa’s customer care team works to make sure I’m happy, and my business is up and running. I guess that’s how our two businesses are similar: always going above and beyond for our customers.