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Q&A with Brian Landrum: Renewable Energy and The Future

Have you heard the news? Gexa Energy’s residential plans are now powered by 100% renewable energy. Consumers today are looking for cleaner energy options, and Gexa Energy is committed to providing just that. And the best part of all? Our renewable energy plans are available at no additional cost to customers, so you can help the environment without breaking your budget. To learn more about the renewable energy plans, we sat down with Gexa Energy President Brian Landrum to discuss. 

Q: What led Gexa Energy to make the switch to 100% renewable residential energy plans?

We’re dedicated to our fellow Texans and committed to doing the right thing, both for our customers and the environment. With our plans backed by 100% renewable energy, our customers don’t need to choose between caring for the environment and low energy costs. And with the desire for clean energy on the rise, our plans meet this growing demand at no additional cost.

Q: Why was this switch so important for your customers?

We’ve discovered that the majority of consumers now expect renewable sources to increasingly support their energy needs. Did you know that 70% of Americans surveyed by Consumer Reports agreed that they expect electricity generation to become cleaner over time? Renewable energy is the future, and it’s important for Gexa Energy to recognize that. Our customers care about it, and we do too, so, the switch for Gexa was crucial.

Q: What are the benefits of having a 100% renewable residential energy plan?

Renewable energy is here, and the benefits are everywhere. It’s available to all of our customers at no additional cost. The switch doesn’t affect our customers’ homes or electricity bills, it is just simply doing better for the environment. Honestly, it’s what we hope most residents of Texas ­– and across the country – will be moving toward in the near future.

Q: Is the energy going into your customers’ homes any different?

Not at all. Gexa provides green plans through the purchase and retirement of renewable energy credits, or RECs, from Texas wind and solar farms. So, while the source is different, the output is the same. The RECs Gexa purchases match the amount of electricity its customers use at home.

Gexa Energy believes providing energy should have a minimal impact on the environment. It provides energy to customers in a way that is sensitive to the environment, understanding the delicate balance between the two – and one that they’re committed to maintaining.