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Energy-Efficient Home Decorating Ideas for the Holidays

Holiday Energy Saving Tips Every Family Should Know In 2021

You can’t experience the holidays without bright lights and jolly decor to set that holiday spirit. What you can do without is setting up holiday décor that will consume more energy than you desired. The holidays are a common time where consumers can do the most to save energy by making a few simple changes in how they decorate or simply go about their day.

Make the holidays even merrier with these energy-efficient tips to help you use less energy during the holidays.

  1. LED Lights Look Better.
    Switching to LED holiday lights is one of the best ways to start your holiday energy conservation. LEDs are more efficient and more durable and long-lasting than traditional lights and use at least 75% less energy. They also look great and bright, which is always a plus. Also, don’t scrimp on the tinsel and other reflective décor. Along with making your house look festive, these will help magnify the effect of the lights you already have without using additional electricity.
  2. Use a timer. Once you’ve finished hanging your lights inside and outside your home, consider installing timers on the strings. Sometimes, amid the fun and celebrations, it’s easy to forget to unplug them, which could end up wasting a significant amount of electricity. Spending all that time decking out your home wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t show off your bright display. When setting up your timer, ensure that your lights will turn on when you want and save on your energy usage. Even while having a timer, it’s a good habit to turn off your room lights when the tree is all lit up. There should be enough of a glow to brighten the room. What’s better lighting than holiday décor anyways?
  3. Try reflective ornaments and décor. With the right surroundings, a little bit of light can shine a long way. Tinsel, reflective menorahs, silver bells, and other shiny decorations will help increase the holiday glow emitting from your front porch this December. Plugging in bright holiday lights while you still have normal indoor lighting on not only washes out the colors of the festive lights but also is a waste of energy. Whenever possible, choose to either have a room’s indoor lights or the holiday lights on.
  4. Add candles or flameless candles to your décor. The holidays are the perfect time to light up your gingerbread or peppermint candles. To help bring the joy of the holidays and to also bring energy efficiency into your home. So light up a candle and save energy! Decorating for the holidays is something we look forward to every year. With these tips, you can show off your holiday spirit through your bright décor, while keeping your energy usage low.