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Benefits of Renewable Energy You May Not be Aware Of

Renewable energy is becoming more popular across the United States. You’ve probably read about it online or heard about it on the news. You know it’s “good for the environment,” but what don’t you know about renewable energy?

It’s Better Than Recycling

We’ve heard the words reduce, reuse, and recycle over and over again. Though recycling is a great way to create less waste and reduce your carbon footprint, renewable energy may make a greater impact on the environment compared to the three Rs. While it’s easy to toss items into the big blue bins it’s just as easy to switch your home to a renewable energy plan. You’re doing less, while your home is doing more.

It’s an Unlimited Resource

With a renewable energy plan, your home is supported by an unlimited source of power – one that keeps your electricity running. While there are days where the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing, renewable sources can never be depleted.

It’s All-American

Renewable energy is homegrown. Wind and solar farms are popping up all over the country – especially in Texas. So, the electricity powering your home is made right outside your door. This homegrown electricity source helps to secure America’s energy future, as it only relies on one thing: itself.

Now that Gexa Energy’s residential plans are powered by 100% renewable energy at no additional cost to customers, it’s quick and easy to switch your home to a renewable energy plan so you can reap all of these great benefits. The lights are on, the water’s hot, and the temperature’s comfortable. And you can take comfort in knowing that you are playing a role in helping the environment.

Gexa provides renewable energy plans through the purchase and retirement of renewable energy credits, or RECs, from Texas wind and solar farms, matching the amount of electricity its customers use. Interested? Check out our plans at