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5 Ways You Can Squeeze More Energy Efficiency Out of Your Home

Turns out, vampires do exist. And they exist in every home. From computers and TVs to phone chargers or coffee makers, energy vampires are the devices that suck energy from your home – even when they’re turned off. Thankfully, there’s a type of “garlic” to tackle these energy vampires: power strips. By plugging appliances into power strips, they can be flipped off whenever you’re not using them. And you’ll be saving energy. Lots of it.

  • Keep the Cool Air In and the Warm Air Out

How well does your house keep its cool? Sometimes, it all comes down to your insulation. If it’s not up to standards, your home could lose up to 35% of its cool air through the walls. That’s a huge amount of energy wasted to bring that temperature back down. Trap the air with proper insulation in the walls and the roof. Even something as simple as keeping your shades closed during the day doubles as a miniature insulation, keeping the hot sun out and the cool air in.  

  • Energy Savings Right in Your Backyard

Energy efficiency isn’t bound within four walls. You can save energy outside, right in your backyard. If you’re planning on doing some new landscaping, try xeriscaping. Place plants with similar watering needs together to reduce the amount of water used. Drip irrigation systems are also a huge help, as they can water entire garden beds through infrequent watering times. This helps save both energy and water, and it’s good for the plants themselves, promoting growth and tolerance to drought.

  • Switch to an Energy Plan That’s Just As Efficient As You Are

Gexa Energy’s 100% renewable energy residential plans use wind and solar energy to power your home. Choose a plan backed by renewable energy at no additional cost to bring your energy efficiency to the next level. Gexa provides renewable energy plans through the purchase and retirement of renewable energy credits, or RECs, from Texas wind and solar farms, matching the amount of electricity its customers use.

  • Bonus Tip: Toss It in the Composting Bin

Reducing waste is also a great way to become more energy conscious. To reduce waste at home, start composting! From kitchen scraps to tea bags, composting can drastically reduce your household’s landfill contribution. It’s easy to create an at-home composting bin, whether it’s in the kitchen or out in the backyard. You’ll be reducing waste and making your home even more efficient than it already is. Plus, it’s a great fertilizer for your garden!

Energy savings are everywhere – in and around your home. Even the smallest energy-conscious savings can make a difference. And with these simple yet effective tips, you can start saving today.