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12 Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas That Save Energy

Gexa Energy
April 26, 2023
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Gexa Energy
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September 8, 2023
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September 8, 2023

Finding the right holiday gift for every person in your life is a challenge. It’s especially difficult to find gifts that consume little or no energy. Fortunately, there are ways you can stay green with your gift-giving and encourage energy savings on your Gexa Energy electricity plans all year.  

Our list of favorite energy-saving and eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas can help you find the perfect present for everyone on your list, even that impossible-to-shop-for friend. This year, choose ideas for Christmas gifts that will be appreciated and used for years to come instead of re-gifted.


Give Eco-Friendly Kitchen Accessories

Make their kitchen a little greener with accessories made from recycled materials, like the reBoard, a BPA-free cutting board crafted from kitchen plastic scraps and renewable sugarcane. Not only is this board environmentally friendly, but it’s also stylish, available in six playful colors, and 50% of the proceeds from the color To Po-Po with Love benefits the organization Heart of Dinner, which delivers care packages to senior citizens in the Asian-American Pacific Islander community in New York City.  

Bring a Campfire Anywhere

Let your loved one relax next to a portable campfire when they don’t have the space for a full one. Users can put holiday energy-saving tips into practice with the warm glow of candlelight, lighting a cozy campfire in the backyard or other outdoor space. This portable campfire burns from three to five hours and can easily fit into a purse or small bag so you can bring it anywhere.  

Stay Hydrated

This is one of our favorite holiday gift ideas that encourages your gift recipient to drink more water. This self-cleaning water bottle is insulated and uses an energy-efficient internal UV-C LED light to purify the water every two hours, removing up to 99.99% of contaminants and the need for frequent handwashing.

Green Up Their Workshop

Whether the craftsman in your life is starting out or an old pro, some top-notch tools make every project a little easier. Seek out Energy Star-certified cordless power tools, which use as much as 30% less energy than power tools that don’t feature the ENERGY STAR® label.  

Learn Something New

One of the best Christmas gift ideas is the chance to experience something new. Help your loved ones learn without leaving the comfort of their home with a MasterClass subscription. Classes are available in a wide variety of subjects, from writing to cooking to science, so there’s bound to be something for everyone. Users can learn from celebrity experts in their fields and take advantage of the new classes added every month.

Reduce Waste in the Home Office

Keeping your home office organized is one of the main challenges of remote work. Scribbled reminders on sticky notes quickly add up, cluttering your space and wasting paper. The glass dry-erase desktop easel from Quartet eliminates that waste, allowing users to jot down notes and easily erase them at the end of the day. This clipboard can stand upright or lie horizontally, fitting perfectly and easily onto any desk space, making it one of the best Christmas gift ideas for remote workers.  

Give Flowers That Last Forever

Flowers easily beautify any space, but they require frequent water changes and eventually end up in the trash. Instead of cut flowers, offer your loved one an arrangement that will last forever and is just as bright and colorful. The LEGO® Flower Bouquet is a 756-piece luxury set that features 15 roses, daisies, and asters. This set can be purchased fully assembled or in pieces, giving the recipient a delightful activity to complete.  fully assembled or in pieces, giving the recipient a delightful activity to complete.  

Enjoy a Bigger Screen

While large televisions are more energy-efficient than they used to be, they still contribute to significant household energy consumption. They even continue to use power when turned off. Give the gift of a big-screen experience without the added energy loss with a mini pocket projector. Users can easily connect their smartphone to the projector to watch movies, sports, or play video games on a massive screen.  

Simplify Cooking

Making meals for a single person can be challenging, and using the oven is a major energy-waster. Instead, a compact air fryer can quickly cook a wide variety of foods, takes up minimal counterspace, and consumes less energy than most everyday appliances. This model is available in five colors to fit with any kitchen design aesthetic.  

Help Pet Parents Save Energy

Pet owners adore their furry best friends, but whenever the dog needs to go outside climate-controlled air is lost to the outdoors, increasing energy bills. The best solution: an energy-efficient pet door. It allows dogs to go outside whenever they want, and the insulated, airtight seal will prevent lost energy.  

Let Students Charge Their Devices on the Go

College students have at least two things in common: their backpacks and mobile devices are essentials. They carry phone chargers so they can power up at a moment’s notice, but what if they could power their electronics without scouring the campus for an outlet? One of the best Christmas gift ideas for students in your life is a solar backpack that will harness the sun’s energy. One hour spent in the sun can give a typical phone about three hours of battery life, and they can get a full charge from about four or five hours outside. sun’s energy. One hour spent in the sun can give a typical phone about three hours of battery life, and they can get a full charge from about four or five hours outside.  

Stay Cozy

While much of Texas tends to stay warm, a weighted blanket is a welcome gift, especially one that wicks moisture and stays cool. Made of bamboo, the Luna Blanket is both cool and comforting, allowing the user to get a restful night’s sleep (and turn down their smart thermostat). Weighted blankets also have mental health benefits, stimulating serotonin production and decreasing the production of stress hormones.  

Your friends and family will love these thoughtful gifts, and when they notice the drop in energy usage, they’ll be even more grateful.  

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