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Gexa Energy vs TXU Energy: Pros and Cons

Gexa Energy
April 26, 2023
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Gexa Energy
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October 11, 2023
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October 11, 2023

In the multifaceted world of Texas electricity providers, two organizations frequently emerge in discussions: Gexa Energy and TXU Energy. When faced with the decision between Gexa Energy vs. TXU Energy, it's crucial to look beyond the surface. In this comprehensive guide, we not only compare these two leading providers but also empower you with insights on how to choose an electricity provider that genuinely enriches your lifestyle.

Gexa Energy distinguishes itself with 100% green residential plans and cutting-edge energy optimization solutions. Whether you're looking to maximize your solar assets or gain deeper control over your energy usage, Gexa Energy serves as your trusted partner in navigating your electricity journey.


Major Selling Points and Features: Gexa Energy vs. TXU Energy

Gexa Energy:

  • Sustainability: In the conversation around Gexa vs. TXU, Gexa Energy stands apart with its unwavering commitment to 100% green electricity plans. Every plan is backed by renewable energy certificates, setting a new standard for environmental stewardship. This green initiative also includes advanced features like smart EV charging, rooftop solar programs, and smart thermostats, all easily managed through a dedicated mobile app. Plus, you can earn bill credits for reducing electricity usage during specified times.
  • Transparent Pricing: When picking the right electricity plan, transparency is key. Gexa Energy offers transparent pricing, ensuring customers face no hidden fees—making it simpler to understand your monthly bill.
  • Diverse Plans: Gexa Energy provides a myriad of electricity plans to cater to a variety of customer needs, from month-to-month plans to long-term contracts.

TXU Energy:

  • Seasonal Offers: TXU is known for its seasonal rebates and offers, which may seem attractive to some customers. They have a 3% cash-back loyalty reward on your annual electricity purchases with some plans.  
  • Solar Purchase Plans: They also provide options for those looking to dive into solar energy.
  • Free Nights & Weekends: Some TXU plans come with free electricity during certain off-peak hours.

Choosing Between Gexa Energy vs. TXU Energy

When picking the right electricity plan, it’s essential to consider your priorities. Are you looking for an environmentally friendly option? Do you want clear-cut billing without hidden charges? Or are you after specific promotional offers? Here’s a breakdown:

  • Eco-conscious Choice: If contributing to a sustainable future is a priority for you, then Gexa Energy clearly leads the way with our commitment to 100% green electricity plans.
  • Budget and Transparency: When it comes to straightforward and transparent billing, Gexa Energy stands out, ensuring you're never caught off guard by hidden fees.
  • Value-Added Services: While some providers may offer temporary promotions, Gexa Energy offers lasting value through comprehensive services like smart home integration, renewable energy credits, and electricity plans optimized for different needs.

How to Switch From TXU to Gexa

If you find that Gexa Energy vs. TXU Energy aligns more closely with your energy needs, making the switch is simple:

  1. Review your current TXU contract for any termination fees.
  1. Visit Gexa Energy and explore our diverse electricity plans.
  1. Choose the plan that fits your needs and sign up.

Gexa will manage the rest, ensuring a smooth transition without service disruptions.

Key Considerations and Final Thoughts

When you're at the crossroads of making a decision, it's vital to have a comprehensive grasp of Texas electricity markets. Keep these pivotal factors in mind:

  • Pricing Transparency: Opt for providers like Gexa Energy that pride themselves on transparent billing, devoid of hidden charges.
  • Renewable vs. Non-renewable: In an era focused on sustainability, understanding the source of your electricity is paramount. If eco-friendliness ranks high on your list, Gexa Energy's 100% renewable energy plans offer an unquestionable advantage.
  • Contract Length: Your commitment level may vary—so should your options. Gexa Energy accommodates diverse needs with a range of contract lengths, from month-to-month to long-term plans.
  • Customer Reviews: Customer testimonials can be illuminating, offering genuine insights into a company's reliability and customer service. A provider with consistently high ratings stands as a testament to quality.

In summary, while the Gexa Energy vs. TXU Energy conversation will inevitably continue, what truly counts is aligning a plan with your unique requirements. Equipped with the right insights, you are well-prepared to make a choice that serves you best, both in value and ethics.

Learn more about Gexa Energy and their 100% renewable plans from environmentally friendly renewable sources.


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Gexa Energy purchases renewable energy credits (RECs) from renewable generation resources throughout North America to match 100% of the energy sold under your electric plan. The RECs Gexa purchases represent the renewable attributes of power generated from a variety of renewable energy sources, including, but not limited to, the sun, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, wave or tidal energy, and biomass or biomass-based waste products, including landfill gas.