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Top 13 Holiday Energy-Saving Tips for Winter

Gexa Energy
April 26, 2023
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Gexa Energy
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September 8, 2023
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December 7, 2023

During the winter holiday season, your home is likely full of festive decorations and your calendar full of get-togethers, meals, and celebrations with loved ones. With so much going on in your home, your holiday energy consumption can really add up.  

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to adjust your habits and conserve energy, even when trying to keep your home warm in cold winter months.  

Here are some of our top energy-saving tips for winter so you can enjoy this special time of year to the fullest.  


Let Guests Warm Your Heart—and Your Home

One of our favorite winter energy hacks is a simple one. Having friends and family over does more than warm the holiday spirit; it can warm up your home as well. When your house starts filling with people, adjust the thermostat down. Not only will this save energy and money on heating costs, but it will also ensure that your guests stay comfortable and keep the party going.  

Take Advantage of the Fireplace

If your home has a fireplace, light it when you’re home to set the holiday mood and limit the need for heating. Make sure to maintain your fireplace and have it regularly inspected to avoid fires and heat waste.  

Ask Santa for a New Thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows you to set the temperature in your home based on the time of day. That means that you can automatically adjust the temperature depending on whether residents are home or away and lower the temperature at night while everyone is asleep. Using a smart thermostat allows you to monitor and adjust the temperature from your mobile device, ensuring your home’s heating is never wasted and helping to improve home automation.  

Set the Mood with Holiday Lighting

Get in the habit of turning off room lights when the tree and other holiday decorations are lit. Leaving lights on is one of the biggest electricity wasters during this time of year, and the festive décor creates enough warm glow to brighten the room. Enjoy the way low lighting helps set the holiday mood.

Look for Air Leaks

Explore your home for spots where you can feel a cold draft. Pay special attention to areas like cut-throughs for pipes and gaps around unfinished spaces. Add caulking or weatherstripping to these areas to seal air leaks and limit the warm air that escapes your home.  

Maintain Your Heating System  

Before the weather turns cold, schedule an inspection of your heating system. Regular maintenance can prevent major breakdowns that turn your cozy home freezing. If your heating system needs to be replaced, look for an ENERGY STAR® certified product, which meets strict energy efficiency standards, saving you significant money over time.  

Open Curtains & Blinds

Let the sunlight in through open curtains, drapes, and blinds on south-facing windows for one of the simplest energy saving hacks. You can enjoy the brightness of natural light while reducing heating costs, thanks to the natural heat that comes in. At night, close blinds and curtains to keep the warm air in and the chill out.  

Unplug Devices That Aren’t in Use

If you’re planning to travel, beware of phantom energy users and know how much energy your appliances are using. These are the many electronic devices that seemingly sit idle in your home, yet still draw energy when they’re in sleep or standby mode. Computers, TVs, and mobile phone chargers are some of the biggest culprits. Be sure to unplug them before you leave.  

Make Sure Vents Are Unobstructed

Floor vents can easily be blocked by furniture, curtains, and other items in your home, reducing the warm air’s ability to flow throughout the rooms. Even worse, blocked vents increase the pressure on the ducts, which can cause damage. Make sure to adjust furniture that blocks vents to ensure your heating system works properly.  

Improve Home Insulation

Insulation helps keep a home warm in cold winter months, so check your home’s insulation before the weather turns chilly. Adding more insulation can reduce your heating bills during the wintertime. Be sure to examine all areas of your home, especially around plumbing, where proper insulation can also help prevent pipes from freezing.  

Add Rugs to Hard Flooring

Rugs on wood and other hard floor surfaces can add another layer of insulation and keep things warm without the assistance of your HVAC system. Bonus: they feel cozy on your feet and prevent slipping. You can even hang rugs on the walls as décor to add a touch of style and extra insulation to any room,  making this one of our favorite energy saving hacks for winter.  

Wear a Cozy Sweater

One of the simplest energy hacks to stay warm without putting strain on your heating system is to bundle up. Get out your coziest sweaters, cardigans, and sweatshirts or wrap yourself in a favorite blanket and turn down the thermostat a few degrees. If you have a holiday party at your home, consider asking everyone to wear their favorite festive sweaters to keep you from having to turn up the heat.  

Find the Right Electricity Plan

The right energy provider can help ensure that your home stays warm during the holidays, whether you’re hosting a party or snuggling up with your family for a festive movie marathon.  

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