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5 Ways to Reduce Your Hair Routine’s Carbon Footprint

Gexa Energy
April 26, 2023
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Gexa Energy
Publication Date:
October 5, 2021
Last updated:
September 8, 2023

Who knew that doing your hair could actually make an impact on the environment and your personal carbon footprint? In this blog, we'll discuss how an eco-conscious hair routine can be important for the environment.

The beauty industry is known for contributing to pollution, but there are plenty of simple ways to make your hair beauty regimen kinder to the environment. Here are 5 quick and easy ways you can help create a greener beauty routine.

1. Try switching from bottled shampoo to a shampoo bar

Shampoo bars are biodegradable and last so much longer than bottles of liquid shampoo. Bar shampoo is essentially the same as liquid shampoo, in fact, they were quite popular and were the standard before bottled shampoos became popular in the 1940s.

2. Recycle and reuse empty containers

As mentioned before, the beauty industry is said to be a major contributor to our planet's pollution. Many beauty products are held in non-biodegradable containers that are mostly disposed of once they become empty. Instead of throwing away empty shampoo or conditioner bottles, give "upcycling" a try! Now, what is upcycling? This is known as the creative way to reuse and turning waste or unwanted items into something new and useful.

3. Rinse out your conditioner faster

If 50 people rinse out their conditioner 10 seconds faster, 9,000 liters of water could be saved. This could result in reducing your carbon footprint and overall saving time.

4. Experiment with heatless hairstyles

Give your blow dryer, straightener, and your planet a break! Not only could this help the environment by saving energy but reducing the amount of heat could help the overall health of your hair. There are plenty of heatless hair alternatives you can try to help you reduce your overall energy use while doing your hair.

5. Take cold showers

Heating water requires energy! A ten-minute shower could use up lots of energy, especially with hot water. The longer you shower, the more energy-intensive this could become, and it could potentially increase energy costs.


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